IPv6 is coming...

I am happy to announce that starting today, the Rinux Platform has started supporting the IPv6 protocol.

This means that Rinux is prepared for the first steps using the new and expanded IP addressing scheme. As some of you may know, the traditional IP addresses in the form of (which is the IPv4 Rinux address) are almost entirely used today. IPv6 provides an extended scheme that has (according to Wikipedia, I haven't checked yet) 2^96 times (!) more addresses than IPv4. In short: that really is a lot and it should be enough for a systematic numbering of IP nodes.

Anyway, to experience IPv6 for yourself, just try the following command on your Windows shell

ping -6 rinux.net

or on your Linux shell

ping6 rinux.net

The long address you see there is Rinux's new IPv6 address. And if you like, try that same command with a few other domain names you can think of. You will probably be shocked how few machines support the future standard already (try google.com for starters).