Terms of service

Using the platform's services requires the adherence to some basic rules of conduct by both users and administrators. That is why we have Terms of Service in place. In order to get an account on the Rinux Platform, you are required to read, understand and agree to these terms.

Note: Rinux accounts are created invite-only. If you do not know the provider in person, your account request will not be processed!

General terms of service

Agreement addendum for domain management

In addition to the basic services, Rinux can do hosting of second-level domains for you (e.g. mypage.net). If you own such a domain and want to place its contents on your Rinux account, you need to make sure that whenever someone is accessing the domain e.g. in a web browser, the Rinux server is accessed. This process is called domain name resolution. Therefore, the machines used to resolve the domain names (called name servers) must know about this kind of intended redirection.

The simplest way to achieve this is to register a domain name via some provider. Afterwards, you need an option to configure the DNS name resolution settings. For a brief list of providers offering this service, try looking for domain only packages or similar. For example, German hoster 1&1 offers "1&1 Domain" for this purpose. Finally, you will need to sign an agreement addendum ruling the technical details.


You can request older versions of the terms of service agreements.