Site back online

As you will have noticed over the last few years (!) there have been no updates on this site for a long time.

Behind the scenes, I have been working on all sorts of things, including keeping Rinux running and in good shape. However, due to the non-trivial upgrade procedure (and my inability to try it the right way) for Drupal 6 installations, I preferred taking the site down instead of leaving it open to attacks.

Malware reports

A note to all visitors and users of web pages:

Google has flagged and its subdomains to be infected by malware. I have investigated this issue immediately to see which parts of the system may be affected.

Results indicate that only one subdomain has actually been infected. The content owner of this subdomain has been informed immediately after I confirmed suspicious content on the reported site. The owner has reacted very responsibly and cleaned up his space. I have no reason to believe that the content in question has been placed on that site deliberately.

I have already requested a review of the affected pages with Google to resolve the situation quickly.

Apologies for any inconvenience you might experience accessing Rinux services. Security is the single most important goal for this project. I will see to it personally that this is addressed quickly and thoroughly.

Again, sorry and thanks for your ongoing support.

Server move complete

I have good news to report.

The server move to the new infrastructure is complete. For everyone using Rinux to host their domains, please update your DNS records to point to (same for mail and web).

Thank you for your patience during the move.

Roundcube Webmail for all!

To celebrate the beginning of 2011, I have arranged standard SSL access to the future default Rinux webmail service Roundcube. You can access Roundcube Webmail by going to . You will immediately be redirected to to prevent your username and password travelling in plain-text.

Please note that the current default Webmail service SquirrelMail will be discontinued somewhere halfway through 2011, so be sure to enjoy all the benefits that Roundcube brings you starting today.


IPv6 is coming...

I am happy to announce that starting today, the Rinux Platform has started supporting the IPv6 protocol.

This means that Rinux is prepared for the first steps using the new and expanded IP addressing scheme. As some of you may know, the traditional IP addresses in the form of (which is the IPv4 Rinux address) are almost entirely used today. IPv6 provides an extended scheme that has (according to Wikipedia, I haven't checked yet) 2^96 times (!) more addresses than IPv4. In short: that really is a lot and it should be enough for a systematic numbering of IP nodes.

Anyway, to experience IPv6 for yourself, just try the following command on your Windows shell

ping -6

or on your Linux shell


The long address you see there is Rinux's new IPv6 address. And if you like, try that same command with a few other domain names you can think of. You will probably be shocked how few machines support the future standard already (try for starters).

Migration completed

It seems that the migration to the new server hardware is complete. As usual with any major change in the server configuration, please let me know if you are experiencing any difficulties. Thanks for bearing with me for the last few hours.

Those of you that have external domains connected to the Rinux Platform, please remember to update your DNS records!

Alternative webmail client

For those of you tired of the way SquirrelMail looks and works: RoundCube is in for the testing! The project is still in an early stage and it is too early to tell if it is going to be as stable and reliable as the SquirrelMail webmail software has proven to be over the recent years. But if you want to give it a free test drive, head over to the Rinux Roundcube Webmail and see for yourself if it meets your expectations!

And if you have tried it, please let me know about your experience with it!

New site on-line

First of all: Thanks for standing by for so long. I had created this page over a year ago and never got around to actually filling it with some reasonable content. Well, today is the day at least I have been waiting for. The Rinux Platform finally has a face again! It really is my pleasure to present to you this page that should serve as a representative entry point to the Rinux Platform.

If you are already a Rinux user, I'd like to point out that I will use this page for announcements to accompany postings on the Rinux site-wide mailing list. It might be more adequate to put things here because not everyone likes facts and information stored in scattered e-mail messages.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. And I hope this will be a great year for Rinux users!