Welcome to the Rinux Platform

We provide hosting services to communicate and share.

If you have a question, feel free to contact us.

The roots

The Rinux Platform first came to life in 2002 as whiletrue.de. It has been a learning experience in every imaginable aspect. E-mail and web site hosting services have always been part of the platform core. At times, we also provided game servers, voice communication, application servers, and a few other services.

Today, Rinux still sticks with its core and is proud to be working closely with the like-minded alpha-labs.net platform.

Keeping a system running for people you like and care about is a constant challenge every day.

The guy behind the project

Clemens has been dabbling with computers since his teenage years, basically starting right after the fall of the iron curtain. Throughout the years, his fascination of making computers do what he wants has remained a constant driving force behind the Rinux Platform but also in his professional life. He currently heads an awesome software development team at GEA Farm Technologies.

Personally, he is a husband, father of two, amateur multi-instrumentalist, avid Penguins fan, and a video game enthusiast.