Quick Start

Setting up a new computer or phone and need the correct details for accessing the Rinux services? Here you go.


  • Access the webmail interface at https://webmail.rinux.net
  • Reading your e-mails
    • IMAP server: rinux.net (Port 143 or 993)
    • POP3 server: rinux.net (Port 110 or 995)
  • Sending e-mails
    • SMTP server: rinux.net (Port 25 or 465)
  • If you are using Rinux to host your own domain, you must still use the above server names for sending and receiving e-mails.
  • Make sure you enable STARTTLS encryption in order to access or send your e-mails via plain IMAP (port 143), POP3 (port 110), or SMTP (port 25). Unencrypted access to your e-mails is not possible.
  • Manage your mailing lists at https://rinux.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo

Other Services

  • Access your web site files using the FTP server: rinux.net (port 21).
    • You must enable TLS to connect to the FTP server. Unencrypted access to your web site files is not possible.
  • Manage your database at https://db.rinux.net.